The goal of this blog is to educate you on Lean manufacturing strategies, and how your facility can become a Lean workplace. We’ll introduce you to a number of Lean tools like 5S, Jidoka, Kanban, and more. Learn how to take a Gemba walk, why the concept of Genchi Genbutsu is important, and even how to set up your own Obeya room. We hope to provide you with the tools needed to identify and eliminate the wastes in your facility!

Improving Lean in the Workplace

< 1 min read The methodology of Lean can be successfully implemented in a number of workplaces across industries including manufacturing, healthcare, offices, and government. The concept of Lean focuses on improving processes while involving workers from all levels, but still having the customer’s satisfaction in mind. The Toyota Motor Company worked to develop many of the concepts that are at the core of Lean and it was referred to as the Toyota Way. Nowadays, the terms Lean manufacturing and Toyota Production System are often used interchangeably with each other as the goals and core components are very similar. Lean and the Toyota Production

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