Improving Lean in the Workplace

The methodology of Lean can be successfully implemented in a number of workplaces across industries including manufacturing, healthcare, offices, and government. The concept of Lean focuses on improving processes while involving workers from all levels, but still having the customer’s satisfaction in mind.

The Toyota Motor Company worked to develop many of the concepts that are at the core of Lean and it was referred to as the Toyota Way. Nowadays, the terms Lean manufacturing and Toyota Production System are often used interchangeably with each other as the goals and core components are very similar. Lean and the Toyota Production System use similar or the same practices such as Kaizen or the root cause analysis, the Five Whys. Both systems focus on waste in the business that lead to an inefficient workplace, and how to reduce these wastes for a streamlined process.

If you are thinking about implementing Lean manufacturing in the workplace it is important to have a full understanding of Lean. Lean is not a strategy that can be implemented in a day or overnight, so it is important to know the tools in you Lean toolbox and how to use them. This includes understanding the goals of having a Lean process, such as increasing efficiency, improving productivity, and pleasing the customer. These goals are achieved by using Lean tools to eliminate wastes in the facility.

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